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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Cross-cultural dimensions of politeness in the case of Polish and EnglishBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2015Differences in impression managementBogdanowska, Monika; Bogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2016Differences in self-presentational patterns : a community-of-practice perspectiveBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2010Face : an interdisciplinary perspectiveBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2016Face and ethics in professional interpretingBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2001Face and twarz in student's perceptionBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
1996"I want to say something good about you" : a cross-linguistic stydy of some polite formulae and their acquisition in a foreign languageBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2009Impoliteness as self-directed positively marked faceworkBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2015"Inny1" i "Inny2" : znaczenie potoczne kontra znaczenie akademickieBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2016IntroductionBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2013Metaphors of femininityBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2009Metaphors of femininityBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2016Multiple contexts of faceBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2018Politeness and friendliness in public spaces and transportBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2012Strategie tworzenia wizerunku własnego w dyskursie politycznymBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
2021The discursive representation of places significant for an individual : an analysis of Polish academic year inauguration speeches and American commencement addressesBogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa