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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004"A gardyn saw I ful blosmy bowes..." : the commanding love in "La Dame a la licorne" of the Musee de ClunyBorysławski, Rafał
2008Alfred Jewel and the Old English "Solomon and Saturn" dialogues : wisdom and chaos in the Old English gnomesBorysławski, Rafał
2015All that is wrought is not gold : locating Wealth in Old English Gnomic TextsBorysławski, Rafał
2018Hlafdige and Hlaford Gendered Power and Images of Continuity in Encomium Emmae ReginaeBorysławski, Rafał
2018Introduction: Royal Power ReconsideredMorawiec, Jakub; Borysławski, Rafał
2017"Pearl" and the psychosomatics of dream : parasomnias as narrative strategies in medieval dream visionsBorysławski, Rafał
2005Po drugiej stronie ust : pornografia i polityczna (nie)poprawność w fabliauxBorysławski, Rafał
2002Posmak niedosytu : kultura jedzenia, jedzenie kultury. Ron Scapp, Brian Seitz (eds.), „Eating Culture”. Albany, State University of New York Press 1998. [recenzja]Borysławski, Rafał
2014Reversed conspiracy in Kazuo Ishiguro's "Never Let Me Go" and "When We Were Orphans"Borysławski, Rafał
2002Say what I am : Aldhelmian riddle as the language of transformationBorysławski, Rafał
2015The City that is Not : apophasis and Anglo-Saxon UrbanismBorysławski, Rafał
2016WstępBorysławski, Rafał; Jajszczok, Justyna; Wolff, Jakub; Bemben, Alicja