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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017"Jestem swoim własnym dziadkiem" : spacjalizacja czasu w "Przeznaczeniu" Michaela i Petera SpierigówFront, Sonia
2021Post-apocalyptic stress disorder in „The Leftovers”Front, Sonia
2008"Take off your clothes. Take off your body" : transgressing gender in Jeanette Winterson's fictionFront, Sonia
2015The Portrait of the City in Wim Wender's "Lisbon Story"Front, Sonia
2014The smell of the basket of the magic journeys : natural and mechanical time in Alejo Carpentier’s "The Lost Steps" (1953)Front, Sonia
2021Travelling Sideways in Time (Without a Suitcase): The Aggregate Identity of Audrey Parker on HavenFront, Sonia
2012Uwięzieni we wnętrzu : "Motyl i skafander" Juliana Schnabela i "Tajemniczy płomień królowej Loany" Umberto EcoFront, Sonia
2009"Written on the body is a secret code" - body as palimpsest in Jeanette WintersonFront, Sonia