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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A short proof of alienation of additivity from quadraticityGer, Roman
2004Addition formulae with singularitiesDomańska, Katarzyna; Ger, Roman
2016An Odd CoupleGer, Roman
2009Annual lectures dedicated to the memory of Professor Andrzej LasotaGer, Roman
1999Iteration groups of functions satisfying a generalized additivity equationGer, Roman
1994On a factorization of mappings with a prescribed behaviour of the Cauchy differenceGer, Roman
2019On an alternative d’Alembert’s equationGer, Roman
1997On the Cauchy equation on spheresGer, Roman; Sikorska, Justyna
2013The alienation phenomenon and associative rational operationsGer, Roman