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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Pentagon diagrams of Bhabha scatteringFleischer, J.; Gluza, Janusz; Kajda, K.; Riemann, T.
1996Physics of heavy neutrinosGluza, Janusz; Zrałek, Marek
2016Pilot-wave quantum theory in discrete space and time and the principle of least actionGluza, Janusz; Kosek, Jerzy
2013Reductions and Contractions of 1-loop Tensor Feynman IntegralsDubovyk, Ievgen; Gluza, Janusz; Almasy, Andrea A.; Riemann, Tord
2013Some remarks on non-planar Feynman diagramsBielas, Krzysztof; Dubovyk, Ievgen; Gluza, Janusz; Riemann, Tord
2019Standard model radiative corrections in the pion form factor measurements do not explain the aμ anomalyCampanario, Francisco; Czyż, Henryk; Gluza, Janusz; Jeliński, Tomasz; Rodrigo, German; Tracz, Tomasz; Zhuridov, Dmitry
1999The minimal extension of the SM and the neutrino oscillation dataDel Aguila, Francisco; Gluza, Janusz; Zrałek, Marek
2016The two-loop electroweak bosonic corrections to sin2[theta]b/effDubovyk, Ievgen; Freitas, Ayres; Gluza, Janusz; Riemann, Tord; Usovitsch, Johann
2016Theoretical constraints on masses of heavy particles in Left-Right symmetric modelsChakrabortty, Joydeep; Gluza, Janusz; Jeliński, Tomasz; Srivastava, Tripurari