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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A new approach to particle swarm optimization algorithmGościniak, Ireneusz
2021An Approach to Determine the Features of Dental X-ray Images Based on the Fractal DimensionGościniak, Ireneusz; Gdawiec, Krzysztof; Woźniak, Krzysztof; Machoy, Monika
18-Nov-2004B16: Genetic programming in feedback registers designingGościniak, Ireneusz
2019Control of Dynamics of the Modified Newton-Raphson AlgorithmGościniak, Ireneusz; Gdawiec, Krzysztof
2017Discussion of the Semi-Immune Algorithm Behaviour Based on Fractal AnalysisGościniak, Ireneusz
5-Sep-2016Extended class of linear feedback shift registersGościniak, Ireneusz
2014Nowe ujęcie wybranych zagadnień optymalizacjiGościniak, Ireneusz
2020One more look on visualization of operation of a root-finding algorithmGościniak, Ireneusz; Gdawiec, Krzysztof
2018PSO-based Newton-like Method and Iteration Processes in the Generation of Artistic PatternsGościniak, Ireneusz; Gdawiec, Krzysztof
2019Semi-multifractal optimization algorithmGościniak, Ireneusz
2020Visual Analysis of Dynamics Behaviour of an Iterative Method Depending on Selected Parameters and ModificationsGościniak, Ireneusz; Gdawiec, Krzysztof