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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A quantitative report on the impact of chloride on the kinetic coefficients of auxin-induced growth : a numerical contribution to the "acid growth hypothesis"Pietruszka, Mariusz; Haduch-Sendecka, Aleksandra
2016Application of the effective formula of growth functional to quantitative description of growth of plant cellsZajdel, Paweł; Pietruszka, Mariusz; Haduch-Sendecka, Aleksandra
2016Effective diffusion rates and cross-correlation analysis of "acid growth" dataPietruszka, Mariusz; Haduch-Sendecka, Aleksandra
2015Ion frequency landscape in growing plantsPietruszka, Mariusz; Haduch-Sendecka, Aleksandra
2014Power spectrum, growth velocities and cross-correlations of longitudinal and transverse oscillations of individual Nicotiana tabacum pollen tubeHaduch-Sendecka, Aleksandra; Pietruszka, Mariusz; Zajdel, Paweł