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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Defect structure of Fe-AL and Fe-Al-Ni metallic powders obtained by the self-decomposition method and intensive grinding in the electro-magneto-mechanical millHanc, Aneta; Frąckowiak, Janusz; Binczyk, Franciszek
2012Hyperfine interaction parameters in Fe 28Al 72: 57Fe mossbauer spectroscopy and ab initio studyHanc, Aneta; Deniszczyk, Józef; Kansy, Jerzy
2011Influence of heat treatment on ordering process in Fe72Al28 alloy studied by Mössbauer SpectroscopyKansy, Jerzy; Hanc, Aneta; Giebel, Dawid
2008Mossbauer spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction and SEM studies on multiferroic Bi5Ti3FeO15 ceramicsRymarczyk, Jolanta; Hanc, Aneta; Dercz, Grzegorz; Ilczuk, Jan
2011Structural relaxation in Fe78Nb2B20 amorphous alloy studied by Mossbauer SpectroscopyKansy, Jerzy; Hanc, Aneta; Rasek, Józef; Haneczok, Grzegorz; Pająk, Lucjan; Stokłosa, Zbigniew; Kwapuliński, Piotr
2008Structural studies with the use of XRD and Mossbauer spectroscopy of Bi5Ti3FeO15Dercz, Grzegorz; Rymarczyk, Jolanta; Hanc, Aneta; Prusik, Krystian; Babilas, R.; Pająk, Lucjan; Ilczuk, Jan
2008The Mossbauer and x-ray studies of the spinel ferrites Cu0.5Fe0.8Cr2Se4 prepared by the ceramic methodMaciążek, Ewa; Hanc, Aneta; Sitko, Rafał; Zawisza, Beata; Jendrzejewska, Izabela; Mrzigod, Janusz
2008The Mossbauer spectroscopy and analytical investigations of the polycrystaline compounds with general formula ZnxSnyCr2Se4Jendrzejewska, Izabela; Hanc, Aneta; Zajdel, Paweł; Kita, Andrzej; Goryczka, Tomasz; Maciążek, Ewa; Mrzigod, Janusz
2008The Mossbauer Spectroscopy Studies of Cementite Precipitations during Continuous Heating from As-Quenched State of High Carbon Cr-Mn-Mo SteelKrawczyk, J.; Bała, P.; Hanc, Aneta
2008The Mossbauer spectroscopy studies of epsilon to cementite carbides transformation during isothermal heating from as-quenched state of high carbon tool steelBała, P.; Krawczyk, J.; Hanc, Aneta
2008Vacancy formation in Fe-Al of B2 and DO3 alloysKansy, Jerzy; Hanc, Aneta; Giebel, Dawid; Jabłońska, M.