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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Low energy hadron physics with carlomat_3.0Kołodziej, Karol
2011New Developments in carlomatKołodziej, Karol
2007Off mass shell effects in associated production of the top quark pair and Higgs Boson at a linear colliderKołodziej, Karol; Szczypiński, S.
2017Photon radiation in e(+) e(-) -> hadrons at low energies with carlomat_3.1Jegerlehner, Fred; Kołodziej, Karol
1994Polarization effects in e+e-to W+W$Kołodziej, Karol
2015Probing the top-Higgs coupling through the secondary lepton distributions in the associated production of the top-quark pair and Higgs boson at the LHCKołodziej, Karol; Słapik, Aleksandra
1996Production of Bc mesons in photon-photon and hadron-hadron collisionsKołodziej, Karol; Leike, A.; Ruckl, R.
1989Radiative Corrections to the Neutrino Counting Process e+e−→ννγKołodziej, Karol; Polak, Jan; Zrałek, Marek
2009Signal and Background in e(+)e(-) -> t(t)over-barHKołodziej, Karol; Szczypiński, Szymon
2007Studying off mass shell and off resonance background effects in e+e-tott HKołodziej, Karol; Szczypiński, S.
2003Studying top quark pair production at a linear collider with a program eett6fKołodziej, Karol
1999The hard bremsstrahlung in e+e-to4f with non-zero fermion massesKołodziej, Karol
1985The normal product in quantum theoryCzyż, Henryk; Kołodziej, Karol; Zrałek, Marek
2013The Top-Higgs Coupling at the LHCKołodziej, Karol
2003Top quark pair production at a linear collider in the presence of an anomalous Wtb couplingCiećkiewicz, K.; Kołodziej, Karol
2003Towards high precision predictions for top quark pair production and decay at a linear colliderBiernacik, A.; Kołodziej, Karol; Lorca, A.; Riemann, T.
1997W- pair production in e-e- collisionsKołodziej, Karol