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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Enamel Thickness before and after Orthodontic Treatment Analysed in Optical Coherence TomographySeeliger, Julia; Machoy, Monika; Koprowski, Robert; Safranow, Krzysztof; Gedrange, Tomasz; Woźniak, Krzysztof
2019Evaluation of changes in enamel thickness after orthodontic treatment depending on the force applied to remove orthodontic brackets: OCT analysis and universal testing machineMachoy, Monika Elżbieta; Seeliger, Julia; Szyszka-Sommerfeld, Liliana; Koprowski, Robert; Gedrange, Tomasz; Woźniak, Krzysztof
2012Fully automatic algorithm for the analysis of vessels in the angiographic image of the eye fundusKoprowski, Robert; Teper, Sławomir Jan; Węglarz, Beata; Wylęgała, Edward; Krejca, Michał; Wróbel, Zygmunt
2013Image analysis and processing methods in verifying the correctness of performing low-invasive esthetic medical proceduresKoprowski, Robert; Wilczyński, Sławomir; Samojedny, Arkadiusz; Wróbel, Zygmunt; Deda, Anna
2018Improving accuracy of corneal power measurement with partial coherence interferometry after corneal refractive surgery using a multivariate polynomial approachLanza, Michele; Koprowski, Robert; Sconocchia, Mario Bifani
2012Influence of the measurement method of features in ultrasound images of the thyroid in the diagnosis of Hashimoto's diseaseKoprowski, Robert; Korzyńska, Anna; Wróbel, Zygmunt; Zieleźnik, Witold; Witkowska, Agnieszka; Małyszek, Justyna; Wójcik, Waldemar
2018Machine learning and medicine: book review and commentaryKoprowski, Robert; Foster, Kenneth R.
2014Machine learning, medical diagnosis, and biomedical engineering research - commentaryFoster, Kenneth R.; Koprowski, Robert; Skufca, Joseph D.
2013Methods of measuring the iridocorneal angle in tomographic images of the anterior segment of the eyeKoprowski, Robert; Wróbel, Zygmunt; Wilczyński, Sławomir; Nowińska, Anna; Wylęgała, Edward
2013Mobile sailing robot for automatic estimation of fish density and monitoring water qualityKoprowski, Robert; Wróbel, Zygmunt; Kleszcz, Agnieszka; Wilczyński, Sławomir; Woźnica, Andrzej; Łozowski, Bartosz; Pilarczyk, Maciej; Karczewski, Jerzy; Migula, Paweł
2017Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutic Methods in Ocular Surface and Corneal Diseases: EditorialNowińska, Anna K.; Módis, László; Koprowski, Robert; Merayo-Lloves, Jesús
2019Novel dynamic corneal response parameters in a practice use: a critical reviewJędzierowska, Magdalena; Koprowski, Robert
2018Ocular Manifestations of Systemic DiseasesNowińska, Anna K.; Machalińska, Anna; Módis, Laszlo; Koprowski, Robert; Rechichi, Miguel
2015Open source software for the analysis of corneal deformation parameters on the images from the Corvis tonometerKoprowski, Robert
2019Optical coherence tomography as a non-invasive method of enamel thickness diagnosis after orthodontic treatment by 3 different types of bracketsMachoy, Monika E.; Koprowski, Robert; Szyszka-Sommerfeld, Liliana; Safranow, Krzysztof; Gedrange, Tomasz; Woźniak, Krzysztof
2015Overview of technical solutions and assessment of clinical usefulness of capsule endoscopyKoprowski, Robert
2014Quantitative assessment of the impact of biomedical image acquisition on the results obtained from image analysis and processingKoprowski, Robert
2017Quantitative assessment of the impact of blood pulsation on intraocular pressure measurement results in healthy subjectsKoprowski, Robert; Tian, Lei
2013Quantitative measurement of pseudoexfoliation in the anterior segment of the eye performed in visible lightKoprowski, Robert; Wróbel, Zygmunt; Nowińska, Anna; Wylęgała, Edward
2017Repeatability and Reproducibility of Intraocular Pressure and Dynamic Corneal Response Parameters Assessed by the Corvis STLopes, Bernardo T.; Roberts, Cynthia; Elsheikh, Ahmed; Vinciguerra, Riccardo; Vinciguerra, Paolo; Reisdorf, Sven; Berger, Stefanie; Koprowski, Robert; Ambrosio, Renato (Jr.)