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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Impact of Volcanic Eruptions on the Occurrence of PAHs Compounds in the Aquatic Ecosystem of the Southern Part of West Spitsbergen (Hornsund Fjord, Svalbard)Kozak, Katarzyna; Ruman, Marek; Kosek, Klaudia; Karasiński, Grzegorz; Stachnik, Łukasz; Polkowska, Żaneta
2012Pollutants present in different components of the Svalbard archipelago environmentRuman, Marek; Kozak, Katarzyna; Lehmann, Sara; Kozioł, Krystyna; Polkowska, Żaneta
2014Release and transport of toxic, mobile organic compounds (Formaldehyde and Phenols) on an Arctic GlacierKozioł, Krystyna; Ruman, Marek; Kozak, Katarzyna; Polkowska, Żaneta
2015The role of atmospheric precipitation in introducing contaminants to the surface waters of the Fuglebekken catchment, SpitsbergenKozak, Katarzyna; Kozioł, Krystyna; Luks, Bartłomiej; Chmiel, Stanisław; Ruman, Marek; Marć, Mariusz; Namieśnik, Jacek; Polkowska, Żaneta