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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Mother tongue of Roma children from special schoolsKyuchukov, Hristo; New, William
2019Roma school mediators and the bilingualism of Roma studentsKyuchukov, Hristo; New, William
2018Socio-cultural aspects of language acquisition through conversationKyuchukov, Hristo; Ushakova, Oksana; Yashina, Valentina
2018Teaching the Romani language for intercultural purposesKyuchukov, Hristo
2017The mother tongue in monolingual and multilingual contextKyuchukov, Hristo; Ushakova, O.S.; Yashina, V.L.
2018The Mother Tongue of Turkish Immigrant Children in Berlin: To Be or Not to Be?Kyuchukov, Hristo
2017Turkish children in Germany learning grammatical categories in Turkish as a mother tongueKyuchukov, Hristo; Giray, Baris
2019Turkish, Bulgarian and German language mixing among Bulgarian Muslim RomaKyuchukov, Hristo
2017"We don't talk Gypsy here" : minority language policies in EuropeNew, William; Kyuchukov, Hristo; de Villiers, Jill
2017Why Roma children need language assessments in RomaniKyuchukov, Hristo; Villiers, Jill de; Takahesu Tabori, Andrea