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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Existence of generalized, positive and periodic solutions for some differential equations of order IILigęza, Jan
2009Existence of positive periodic solutions of some differential equations of order n (n>2)Ligęza, Jan
2004Existence of positive solutions of some integral equationsLigęza, Jan
1997Generalized periodic solutions of ordinary linear differential equations in the Colombeau algebraLigęza, Jan
2001On a two point boundary value problem for linear differential equations of the fourth order in the Colombeau algebraLigęza, Jan
1973On generalized solutions of linear differential equations of order "n"Ligęza, Jan
1990On generalized solutions of some differential equationsLigęza, Jan
1996Remarks on generalized solutions of some ordinary nonlinear differential equations of second order in the Columbeau algebraLigęza, Jan
1990The distributional solutions of some systems of linear differential equations.Ligęza, Jan