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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A new approach with new solutions to the Matkowski and Wesołowski problemMorawiec, Janusz; Zürcher, Thomas
2020An Application of Medial Limits to Iterative Functional EquationsMorawiec, Janusz
2021An application of medial limits to iterative functional equations, IIMorawiec, Janusz
2014Around a problem of Nicole Brillouët-BelluotMorawiec, Janusz
2015Around a problem of Nicole Brillouët-Belluot, IIMorawiec, Janusz
2018Attractor of Cantor type with positive measureMorawiec, Janusz; Zürcher, Thomas
2009Continuous solutions of iterative equations of infinite orderKapica, Rafał; Morawiec, Janusz
2015Inhomogeneous poly-scale refinement type equations and Markov operators with perturbationsKapica, Rafał; Morawiec, Janusz
2019Karol Baron: a little bit about him on his 70th birthdayJarczyk, Witold; Morawiec, Janusz
2021Linear functional equations and their solutions in generalized Orlicz spacesMorawiec, Janusz; Zürcher, Thomas
2019Means of iteratesDraga, Szymon; Morawiec, Janusz
2012Note on an equation occurring in a problem of Nicole Brillouet-BelluotJarczyk, Witold; Morawiec, Janusz
2014On a functional equation involving iterates and powersMorawiec, Janusz
2018On a problem of Janusz Matkowski and Jacek WesołowskiMorawiec, Janusz; Zürcher, Thomas
2019On a problem of Janusz Matkowski and Jacek Wesołowski, IIMorawiec, Janusz; Zürcher, Thomas
1994On bounded solutions of a problem of R. SchillingMorawiec, Janusz
2016Reducing the polynomial-like iterative equations order and a generalized Zoltan Boros' problemDraga, Szymon; Morawiec, Janusz