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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Distance Duality in Different Cosmological ModelsPiórkowska, Aleksandra; Biesiada, Marek; Malec, Beata
2011Gravitational Lenses as Standard Rulers in CosmologyBiesiada, Marek; Piórkowska, Aleksandra; Malec, Beata
2013On the Complementarity of Different Cosmological Probes with SLACS, BELLS and SL2S Strong Gravitational Lensing DataPiórkowska, Aleksandra; Biesiada, Marek; Gavazzi, Raphael
2012Structure effects in Ne-20+Pb-208 quasi-elastic scatteringStrojek, I.; Czarnacki, W.; Gawlikowicz, W.; Keeley, N.; Kisieliński, M.; Kliczewski, S.; Kordyasz, A.; Koshchiy, E.; Kowalczyk, M.; Piasecki, E.; Piórkowska, Aleksandra; Rusek, K.; Siudak, R.; Staudt, A.; Trzcińska, A.