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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Spatio-temporal localization of selected pectic and arabinogalactan protein epitopes and the ultrastructural characteristics of explant cells that accompany the changes in the cell fate during somatic embryogenesis in Arabidopsis thalianaPotocka, Izabela; Godel, Kamila; Dobrowolska, Izabela; Kurczyńska, Ewa
5-Mar-2019Topological traits of a cellular pattern versus growth rate anisotropy in radish rootsPiekarska-Stachowiak, Anna; Szymanowska-Pułka, Joanna; Potocka, Izabela; Lipowczan, Marcin
2014Various scenarios of the cell pattern formation in Arabidopsis lateral rootBiałek, Jolanta; Potocka, Izabela; Szymanowska-Pułka, Joanna Maria