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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Charcoal kilns as a source of data on the past iron industry (an example from the River Czarna valley, Central Poland)Rutkiewicz, Paweł; Malik, Ireneusz; Wistuba, Małgorzata; Sady, Agata
2019Environmental effects of historical charcoal burning associated with water-powered ferrous metallurgy (Mała Panew basin, southern Poland)Rutkiewicz, Paweł; Malik, Ireneusz
2018Geomorphological conditions of the location historical ironworks. A contribution to the research based on DEM analysis from LIDAR dataRutkiewicz, Paweł; Malik, Ireneusz
2019Historical Reconstruction of the Scarcely Recognized Metallurgical Activity in PolandRutkiewicz, Paweł; Malik, Ireneusz
2016Natural and anthropogenic indicators of fluvial system changes, the Bobrza Valley (Holy Cross Mts) as an exampleRutkiewicz, Paweł; Gawior, Daniel
2018Spruce tree-ring reductions in relation to air pollution and human diseases a case study from Southern PolandRutkiewicz, Paweł; Malik, Ireneusz