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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Preequilibrium model calculations of [gamma]-spectrum from3He+25Mg reaction at ELAB = 29.9 MeVSiemaszko, Marek
2000Proton-proton collisions at production thresholdsMoskal, P.; Adam, H.H.; Budzanowski, A.; Grzonka, D.; Jarczyk, L.; Khoukaz, A.; Kilian, K.; Kohler, M.; Kowina, P.; Lang, N.; Lister, T.; Gelert, W.; Quentmeier, C.; Santo, R.; Schepers, G.; Sefzick, T.; Seweryn, S.; Siemaszko, Marek; Smyrski, J.; Sokołowski, M.; Strzałkowski, A.; Wolke, M.; Wustner, P.; Zipper, Wiktor
1976The optical model and distorted-wave analysis of cross-sections for the scattering of the 24-28 MeV alpha particles from 28SiJarczyk, L.; Maciuk, B.; Siemaszko, Marek; Zipper, Wiktor