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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Characteristics of the flora of fallow lands on rendzina soils on the Twardowice Plateau (Silesian Upland)Babczyńska-Sendek, Beata; Błońska, Agnieszka; Hejdysz, Joanna
2012Excavations of the Twardowice Plateau (Silesian Upland) as refuges for xerothermic plant speciesBabczyńska-Sendek, Beata; Błońska, Agnieszka; Kołtuniak, Anna
2005Problemy fitogeograficzne i syntaksonomiczne kserotermów Wyżyny ŚląskiejBabczyńska-Sendek, Beata
2009Significance of protection of the meadow and grassland communities for maintenance the floristic diversity in the area of the south-eastern Silesian Upland (Poland)Babczyńska-Sendek, Beata
2014The emergence of new localities of Orobanche bartlingii Griseb. in the Silesian-Cracow Upland as a result of the spreading of Libanotis pyrenaica (L.) Bourgh. due to changes in land use : [poster]Babczyńska-Sendek, Beata; Błońska, Agnieszka; Skowronek, Izabela
2011Xerothermic grasslands of Pilica surroundings - diversity, threats and directions of changesBabczyńska-Sendek, Beata; Kloczkowska, Agata; Błońska, Agnieszka