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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Continuous solutions to two iterative functional equationsBaron, Karol
2021From invariance under binomial thinning to unification of the Cauchy and the Gołąb- Schinzel-type equationsBaron, Karol
2016LaudatioBaron, Karol
1994On approximate solutions of an iterative functional equationBaron, Karol; Simon, Alice
2011On continuous involutions and hamel basesBaron, Karol
2017On orthogonally additive functions with big graphBaron, Karol
2013On orthogonally additive functions with orthogonally additive second iterateBaron, Karol
2015On orthogonally additive injections and surjectionsBaron, Karol
2015On the continuous dependence of solutions to orthogonal additivity problem on given functionsBaron, Karol
2020Remarks connected with the weak limit of iterates of some randomvalued functions and iterative functional equationsBaron, Karol
2022Strong Law of Large Numbers for Iterates of Some Random-Valued FunctionsBaron, Karol; Kapica, Rafał
2019Weak law of large numbers for iterates of random-valued functionsBaron, Karol
5-Apr-2019Weak limit of iterates of some random-valued functions and its applicationBaron, Karol