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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Dispersion of pressure at the inner edge of the neutron star crustBednarek, Ilona; Olchawa, Wiesław; Sładkowski, Jan; Syska, Jacek
2020Forms of the symmetry energy relevant to neutron starsBednarek, Ilona; Sładkowski, Jan; Syska, Jacek
2009Hyperon StarBednarek, Ilona
2015Impact of the strangeness on the structure of a neutron starBednarek, Ilona; Pieńkos, Monika
2017Isospin asymmetry and neutron star propertiesBednarek, Ilona; Pieńkos, Monika
2019Modification of the Symmetry Energy by StrangenessBednarek, Ilona; Sładkowski, Jan; Syska, Jacek
2020Preface to ”Selected Papers from 43rd InternationalConference of Theoretical Physics”Gluza, Janusz; Sładkowski, Jan; Dziewit, Bartosz; Bednarek, Ilona
2007Relativistic mean field : models of neutron starsBednarek, Ilona
2011Structure of a Warm Hyperon StarBednarek, Ilona; Pieńkos, Monika
2011Symmetry Energy and Neutron Star Equation of StateBednarek, Ilona; Pieńkos, Monika
2014The Influence of the Enhanced Vector Meson Sector on the Properties of the Matter of Neutron StarsBednarek, Ilona; Mańka, Ryszard; Pieńkos, Monika
2015The influence of the symmetry energy on the structure of hyperon starsBednarek, Ilona; Pieńkos, Monika
13-Mar-2002The quark strange star in the enlarged Nambu-Jona-Lasinio modelMańka, Ryszard; Bednarek, Ilona; Przybyła, Grzegorz