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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Clusters of galaxies as a tool in cosmologyMiernik, Sylwia; Piórkowska-Kurpas, Aleksandra; Biesiada, Marek
2011Constraints on Cosmic Equation of State from Joint Analysis of Standard Rulers and Standard CandlesMalec, Beata; Biesiada, Marek; Piórkowska, Aleksandra
2018Cosmological investigation of multi-frequency VLBI observations of ultra-compact structure in z∼ 3 radio quasarsCao, Shuo; Biesiada, Marek; Qi, Jingzhao; Pan, Yu; Zheng, Xiaogang; Xu, Tengpeng; Ji, Xuan; Zhu, Zong-Hong
2019Direct test of the FLRW metric from strongly lensed gravitational wave observationsShuo, Cao; Qi, Jingzhao; Cao, Zhoujian; Biesiada, Marek; Li, Jin; Pan, Yu; Zhu, Zong-Hong
2011Distance Duality in Different Cosmological ModelsPiórkowska, Aleksandra; Biesiada, Marek; Malec, Beata
2011Gravitational Lenses as Standard Rulers in CosmologyBiesiada, Marek; Piórkowska, Aleksandra; Malec, Beata
1999Gravitational waves-new perspectivesBiesiada, Marek
2017New observational constraints on f(T) cosmology from radio quasarsQi, Jing-Zhao; Cao, Shuo; Biesiada, Marek; Zheng, Xiaogang; Zhu, ZongiHong
2013On the Complementarity of Different Cosmological Probes with SLACS, BELLS and SL2S Strong Gravitational Lensing DataPiórkowska, Aleksandra; Biesiada, Marek; Gavazzi, Raphael
2003Perspective for testing dark energy scenarios with advanced LIGO type gravity wave experimentsBiesiada, Marek
2017Precision cosmology from future lensed gravitational wave and electromagnetic signalsLiao, Kai; Fan, Xi-Long; Ding, Xuheng; Biesiada, Marek; Zhu, Zong-Hong
2001Quintessence in advanced gravity wave experimentsBiesiada, Marek
2022Searching for gravitationally lensed Gamma-ray bursts with their afterglowsChen, Shengnan; Wen, Xudong; Gao, He; Liao, Kai; Liu, Liangduan; Zhao, Litao; Li, Zhengxiang; Biesiada, Marek; Piórkowska-Kurpas, Aleksandra; Xiao, Shuo; Xiong, Shaolin
2018Statistical analysis with cosmic-expansion-rate measurements and two-point diagnosticsZheng, Xiaogang; Biesiada, Marek; Ding, Xuheng; Cao, Shuo; Zhang, Sixuan; Zhu, Zong-Hong
2017Testing and selecting cosmological models with ultra-compact radio quasarsLi, Xiaolei; Cao, Shuo; Zheng, Xiaogang; Qi, Jingzhao; Biesiada, Marek; Zhu, Zong-Hong
2022Testing Quantum Gravity in the Multi-Messenger Astronomy EraPiórkowska-Kurpas, Aleksandra; Biesiada, Marek
2019The gas depletion factor in galaxy clusters: implication from Atacama Cosmology Telescope Polarization experiment measurementsZheng, Xiaogang; Qi, Jing-Zhao; Ca, Shuo; Li, Tonghua; Biesiada, Marek; Miernik, Sylwia; Zhu, Zong-Hong
2019The Wave Nature of Continuous Gravitational Waves from MicrolensingLiao, Kai; Biesiada, Marek; Fan, Xi-Long
2009White dwarf constraints on dark matter particlesMalec, Beata; Biesiada, Marek
2001White dwarfs as a source of constraints on exotic physicsMalec, Beata; Biesiada, Marek