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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022An awkward contaminant : are mercury concentrations in historically collected fossils a result of storage conditions?Surmik, Dawid; Cabała, Jerzy; Balin, Katarzyna; Szade, Jacek
2015Forms of heavy metals (Zn, Pb, Cd) occuring in rhizospheres from the areas of former and contemporary Zn-Pb ore miningRożek, Dorota; Nadłonek, Weronika; Cabała, Jerzy
2009Influence of metalliferous minerals on biotic components of topsoil in zinc-lead flotation tailings pondsCabała, Jerzy; Pacholewska, Małgorzata; Dziurowicz, Maria
2009Metale ciężkie w środowisku glebowym olkuskiego rejonu eksploatacji rud Zn-PbCabała, Jerzy
2013Mineral components in a peat deposit : looking for signs of earlymining and smelting activities in Silesia-Cracow region (Southern Poland)Cabała, Jerzy; Śmieja-Król, Beata; Jabłońska, Mariola; Chróst, L.
2021Ołów w środowiskuCabała, Jerzy; Janeczek, Janusz; Kowalczyk, Andrzej
2020Pb-Rich Slags, Minerals, and Pollution Resulted from a Medieval Ag-Pb Smelting and Mining Operation in the Silesian-Cracovian Region (Southern Poland)Cabała, Jerzy; Warchulski, Rafał; Rozmus, Dariusz; Środek, Dorota; Szełęg, Eligiusz
2016Potentially toxic elements in soils and plants on a reclaimed coal-waste dump in southern Poland : preliminary studyNadłonek, Weronika; Cabała, Jerzy
2015Role of soil algae on the initial stages of soil formation in sandy polluted areasRahmonov, Oimahmad; Cabała, Jerzy; Bednarek, Renata; Rozek, Dorota; Florkiewicz, Adam
2021Vegetation and Environmental Changes on Contaminated Soil Formed on Waste from an Historic Zn-Pb Ore-Washing PlantRahmonov, Oimahmad; Cabała, Jerzy; Krzysztofik, Robert