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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analytical two-loop soft mass terms of sfermions in Extended GMSB modelsJeliński, Tomasz; Gluza, Janusz
2015Heavy neutrino masses and mixings at the LHCJeliński, Tomasz; Kordiaczyńska, Magdalena
2-Sep-2015Heavy neutrinos and the pp-> lljj CMS dataGluza, Janusz; Jeliński, Tomasz
2015Leptogluons in dilepton production at LHCJeliński, Tomasz; Zhuridov, Dmitry
2017New prospects for the numerical calculation of Mellin-Barnes integrals in Minkowskian kinematicsDubovyk, Ievgen; Gluza, Janusz; Jeliński, Tomasz; Riemann, Tord; Usovitsch, Johann
2013On extended GMSB modelsJeliński, Tomasz
2013On messengers couplings in extended GMSB modelsJeliński, Tomasz
2019Standard model radiative corrections in the pion form factor measurements do not explain the aμ anomalyCampanario, Francisco; Czyż, Henryk; Gluza, Janusz; Jeliński, Tomasz; Rodrigo, German; Tracz, Tomasz; Zhuridov, Dmitry
2016Theoretical constraints on masses of heavy particles in Left-Right symmetric modelsChakrabortty, Joydeep; Gluza, Janusz; Jeliński, Tomasz; Srivastava, Tripurari