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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201557Fe hyperfine parameters in vitamins and dietary supplementsKądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Michałowska, Marlena
201757Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy investigations of iron phase composition in fluidized beds from the ELCHO power plant in Chorzów, PolandKądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Smołka-Danielowska, Danuta
2019Chemical and mineral composition of furnace slags produced in the combustion process of hard coalSmołka-Danielowska, Danuta; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Krzykawski, Tomasz
2017Electric relaxation and Mn3+/Mn4+ charge transfer in Fe-doped Bi12MnO20-BiMn2O5 structural self-compositeLeonarska, Agnieszka; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Szeremeta, Anna Z.; Bujakiewicz-Korońska, R.; Kalvane, A.; Molak, Andrzej
2017Formation of Fe and Ni substituted LiMn2-XMXO4 nanopowders and their crystal and electronic structure and magnetic propertiesTalik, Ewa; Lipińska, Ludwika; Guzik, Adam; Zajdel, Paweł; Michalska, Monika; Szubka, Magdalena; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Paul, Rick L.
2014Hyperfine interactions in RxGd1- xFe3 intermetallics R = Tb, YKądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Bajorek, Anna
2020Influence of copper addition and heat treatment parameters on nanocrystallization process of Fe-Co-Mo-B-Si amorphous ribbons with high saturation magnetization about 1.6 TRadoń, Adrian; Babilas, Rafał; Włodarczyk, Patryk; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Zackiewicz, Przemysław; Łukowiec, Dariusz; Polak, Marcin; Kolano-Burian, Aleksandra; Hawełek, Łukasz
2012Influence of transition and rare earth elements on magnetic properties of Fe-Nb-B-M (M = Ni, Ag, Gd, Tb) bulk nanocrystalline alloysZiółkowski, Grzegorz; Randrianantoandro, N.; Chrobak, Artur; Klimontko, Joanna; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Haneczok, Grzegorz
2014Luminescence and other spectroscopic properties of purple and green Cr-clinochloreCzaja, Maria; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Lisiecki, Radosław; Bodył-Gajowska, Sabina; Mazurak, Zbigniew
2017Magnetic properties and structure after crystallization of Fe80-xB20Nbx (x = 4, 6, 10) metallic glassesNowosielski, R.; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Gebara, P.; Szyba, D.; Babilas, R.
2016Mineralogy and origin of coarse-grained segregations in the pyrometallurgical Zn-Pb slags from Katowice-Wełnowiec (Poland)Warchulski, Rafał; Gawęda, Aleksandra; Janeczek, Janusz; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola
2008Mossbauer investigations and photoemission studies of the Fe 3s spin splitting in some Fe-Ni alloysKądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Zarek, Wiesława; Talik, Ewa; Popiel, Eustachy
2012Mossbauer investigations of amorphous Fe(80-x) B20Nbx (x=0,4,6,10) alloysBabilas, R.; Nowosielski, R.; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Zajączkowski, A.
2016Mossbauer study on local atomic structure in Fe80-xNbxB20 (x = 4, 6) metallic glassesBabilas, R.; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola
2019Mössbauer spectroscopy study in characterization of steel production dustsKądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Rachwał, M.; Wojtyniak, Marcin; Krzykawski, Tomasz
2018Mössbauer study of some intermetallic compounds Fe80-xNixB20 (x = 8, 16, 24, 28)Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Babilas, R.; Granek, Krzysztof
2020Some complementary data about the spectroscopic properties of manganese ions in spodumene crystalsCzaja, Maria; Lisiecki, Radosław; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Winiarski, Antoni
2016Stability of ferrous fumarate in medicaments for women : application of Mossbauer spectroscopyKądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Wojtyniak, Marcin
2016Structural study and crystallization behaviour of Fe62-xCoxNb8B30 metallic glasses (x = 0, 20)Babilas, R.; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola
2011Structure studies of Fe-based metallic glasses by Mossbauer spectroscopy methodBabilas, R.; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Nowosielski, R.