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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A corpus-based dynamic approach to para-hypotaxis: implications for diachronic corpus linguistic analysisKida, Ireneusz
2019Differences and similarities between Gothic and Greek in the area of the definite article – the case of the Gospel of JohnKida, Ireneusz
2015Differences between Gothic and Greek in terms of the definite article : the case of the gospel of MatthewKida, Ireneusz
2011El desarollo de las expresiones analiticas en espanol : desde la lengua latina hasta la lengua espanola modernaKida, Ireneusz; Castillo-Żarczyński, Luz
2014Greek New Testament text types and earliest translationsKida, Ireneusz
2018Hamito-Semitic features in Celtic languagesKida, Ireneusz
2013Introduction to corpus linguisticsKida, Ireneusz
2009Mirror image properties in human languagesKida, Ireneusz
2011Objectivisation via subjectivisation in annotated corpus linguisticsKida, Ireneusz
2021Place and extent of loan words in the Indonesian languageKida, Ireneusz
2018PrefaceKida, Ireneusz
2018PrzedmowaKida, Ireneusz
2021Reflections on some universal processes leading to changes in languages round the worldKida, Ireneusz
2011Rise of the composite present perfect tense in Polish with the verb "mieć" "to have" as an auxiliaryKida, Ireneusz
2009Syntactic differences between Gothic and Greek in Wulfia's translation of the BibleKida, Ireneusz
2012The problem of syntactic ambivalence in corpus linguisticsKida, Ireneusz
2011Word order tendencies in mediaeval English against the Indo-European backgroundKida, Ireneusz
2021Wybrane uniwersalne procesy prowadzące do zmian w językach świataKida, Ireneusz