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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Alienation of the logarithmic and exponential functional equationsKominek, Zygfryd; Sikorska, Justyna
1993Note on polynomial functionsKominek, Zygfryd
2009On a Jensen-Hosszu equation IKominek, Zygfryd
1989On a local stability of the Jensen functional equationKominek, Zygfryd
2002On a problem of Wu Wei ChaoKominek, Zygfryd
1990On approximately subadditive functionsKominek, Zygfryd
2004On Hyers-Ulam stability of the Pexider equationKominek, Zygfryd
2008On pseudoadditive mappingsKominek, Zygfryd
1981On The Functional Equation p(x)=h(x, ^[f(x)])Kominek, Zygfryd
2008Remarks on the stability of some quadratic functional equationsKominek, Zygfryd
1990The recurrent sequences of inequalitiesKominek, Zygfryd
1991Theorem of Bernstein-Doetsch in Baire spacesKominek, Zygfryd; Kuczma, Marek