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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Beauty and social influence. Adonization and its correlatesMandal, Eugenia
2012Childhood violence, experience of loss and hurtin close relationships at adulthood and emotional rejection as risk factors of suicide attempts among womenMandal, Eugenia; Zalewska, Karolina
2019Contingencies of Self-Worth and Global Self-Esteem Among College Women: The Role of Masculine and Feminine Traits EndorsementMandal, Eugenia; Moroń, Marcin
2007Emotions of women and men - similarities - differences - developmentMandal, Eugenia
2007Emotions of women and men - similarities - differences - developmentMandal, Eugenia
2008Fear of Success among Students – Range and PredictorsMandal, Eugenia
2007Kobieta czy polityk? : treść i struktura stereotypu kobiety zajmującej się politykąGawor, Agnieszka; Mandal, Eugenia
2007Kobiety, mężczyźni i społeczeństwo - recenzjaMandal, Eugenia
2015Kwestionariusz sekwencyjnych technik wywierania wpływu w romantycznych związkachMandal, Eugenia; Moroń, Marcin
2018Love attitudes, psychological femininity and masculinity, Machiavellianism, narcissism, and emotional intelligence of rejectors in close relationshipsMandal, Eugenia; Latusek, Anna
2013Makiawelizm i taktyki manipulacji podejmowane przez pacjentów z zaburzeniami osobowości typu borderline w życiu codziennym i podczas terapiiMandal, Eugenia; Kocur, Dagna
2012Masculinity and femininity as categories and constructs present in everyday life : an introductionMandal, Eugenia
2015Masculinity, femininity, self-appeal, strategies of self-presentation and styles of interpersonal functioning in transsexual womenMandal, Eugenia; Jakubowski, Tomasz
2022Mindfulness, relationship quality, and conflict resolution strategies used by partners in close relationshipsMandal, Eugenia; Lip, Martyna
2006Personality of men and women - similarities and differences : temporal and cultural trendsMandal, Eugenia
2017Physical activity, evaluation of menopause, life satisfaction and influence tactics in marriage of perimenopausal womenMandal, Eugenia; Sitko-Dominik, Magdalena
2015Poczucie władzy a poczucie satysfakcji seksualnej w intymnych relacjachMandal, Eugenia; Kocur, Dagna
2019Possession and subordination to power in professional relations vs power in close sexual relationsMandal, Eugenia; Kocur, Dagna Joanna
2012Power based on physical attractiveness and power based on financial resources - the influence tactics used by partners in marriageMandal, Eugenia
2013Psychological masculinity, femininity and tactics of manipulation in patients with borderline personality disorderMandal, Eugenia; Kocur, Dagna