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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Beauty and social influence. Adonization and its correlatesMandal, Eugenia
2008Fear of Success among Students – Range and PredictorsMandal, Eugenia
2018Love attitudes, psychological femininity and masculinity, Machiavellianism, narcissism, and emotional intelligence of rejectors in close relationshipsMandal, Eugenia; Latusek, Anna
2012Masculinity and femininity as categories and constructs present in everyday life : an introductionMandal, Eugenia
2015Masculinity, femininity, self-appeal, strategies of self-presentation and styles of interpersonal functioning in transsexual womenMandal, Eugenia; Jakubowski, Tomasz
2012Power based on physical attractiveness and power based on financial resources - the influence tactics used by partners in marriageMandal, Eugenia
2008Shyness and Gender. Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Behavioural Consequences and Strategies of Coping with Shyness by Women and Men of Different Gender IdentityMandal, Eugenia
2012The stereotype of femininity and the risk of suicide attemptsMandal, Eugenia; Zalewska, Karolina
2012The stereotypes of man and woman in Poland - content and factor structuresMandal, Eugenia; Gawor, Agnieszka; Buczny, Jacek
2012Władza i wywieranie wpływu w bliskich związkachMandal, Eugenia