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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Effect of the Topology on Wetting and Drying of Hydrophobic Porous MaterialsBushuev, Yuriy Geniyevich; Grosu, Yaroslav; Chorążewski, Mirosław Adam; Meloni, Simone
2022Intrusion and extrusion of liquids in highly confining media: bridging fundamental research to applicationsLe Donne, Andrea; Tinti, Antonio; Amayuelas, Eder; Kashyap, Hemant K.; Camisasca, Gaia; Remsing, Richard C.; Roth, Roland; Grosu, Yaroslav; Meloni, Simone
2021Liquid intrusion in and extrusion from non-wettable nanopores for technological applicationsGiacomello, Alberto; Casciola, Carlo Massimo; Grosu, Yaroslav; Meloni, Simone
2022Subnanometer Topological Tuning of the Liquid Intrusion/Extrusion Characteristics of Hydrophobic MicroporesBusuev, Yuriy G.; Grosu, Yaroslav; Chorążewski, Mirosław; Meloni, Simone