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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Influence of Anodizing Parameters on Surface Morphology and Surface-Free Energy of Al2O3 Layers Produced on EN AW-5251 AlloyBara, Marek; Niedźwiedź, Mateusz; Skoneczny, Władysław
2020Influence of Conditions for Production and Thermo-Chemical Treatment of Al2O3 Coatings on Wettability and Energy State of Their SurfaceNiedźwiedź, Mateusz; Skoneczny, Władysław; Bara, Marek
2022Nanostructure and morphology of the surface as Well as micromechanical and sclerometric properties of Al2O3 layers subjected to thermo-chemical treatmentBara, Marek; Niedźwiedź, Mateusz; Skoneczny, Władysław; Barylski, Adrian
2018The Effect of Production Parameters of Oxide Layers on Their Nanostructure, Nanomorphology, and Surface Free EnergySkoneczny, Władysław; Niedźwiedź, Mateusz; Bara, Marek
2020The influence of anodic alumina coating nanostructure produced on EN AW-5251 alloy on type of tribological wear processNiedźwiedź, Mateusz; Skoneczny, Władysław; Bara, Marek
2018The influence of surface free energy on tribological properties of oxide layers formed on aluminium alloy EN AW-5251Niedźwiedź, Mateusz; Bara, Marek; Skoneczny, Władysław
2021Thin Al2O3 Coatings produced by electrochemical method, subjected to thermo-chemical treatmentNiedźwiedź, Mateusz; Skoneczny, Władysław; Bara, Marek; Dercz, Grzegorz
2022Tribological properties of Al2O3 layers after thermo-chemical treatmentNiedźwiedź, Mateusz; Skoneczny, Władysław; Bara, Marek; Bulej, Vladimír
2020Type of wear of aluminium oxide layers depending on manufacturing parametersNiedźwiedź, Mateusz