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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994A reading of distance in the Kantian sublimeBarakońska, Liliana; Nitka, Małgorzata
2016A tour of reading : "The Man of the Crowd"Nitka, Małgorzata
2014Brytyjska literatura dziecięca a edukacja wielokulturowaNitka, Małgorzata
2003E.M. Forster's Tea-TableGilliver, John; Nitka, Małgorzata
2020"Everybody’s private carriage" : omnibus travel in victorian literatureNitka, Małgorzata
2006Of Industry and ImaginationNitka, Małgorzata
2009"Rust and must and cobwebs" : of accumulation and circulation in Dickens’s "Bleak House"Nitka, Małgorzata
2015"So many pages a day" : writing, compulsion, and modernityNitka, Małgorzata
2009Światło w "Szatańskich Młynach"Nitka, Małgorzata
1996The letter of seductionNitka, Małgorzata
2004The third on the train : on class and travel in the 19th centuryNitka, Małgorzata
2014Wordsworth, the railway and "the riot of the town"Nitka, Małgorzata