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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jul-2019Application of hydrogeological and biological research for the lysimeter experiment performance under simulated municipal landfill conditionDąbrowska, Dominika; Sołtysiak, Marek; Biniecka, Paulina; Michalska, Justyna; Wasilkowski, Daniel; Nowak, Agnieszka; Nourani, Vahid
2014Microbial diversity in waters, sediments and microbial mats evaluated using fatty acid-based methodsMrozik, Agnieszka; Nowak, Agnieszka; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2017Toxicity and biodegradation of ibuprofen by Bacillus thuringiensis B1(2015b)Marchlewicz, Ariel; Guzik, Urszula; Hupert-Kocurek, Katarzyna; Nowak, Agnieszka; Wilczyńska, Sylwia; Wojcieszyńska, Danuta