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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Climatic and human impact on episodic alluviation in small mountain valleys, the SudetesKlimek, Kazimierz; Malik, Ireneusz; Owczarek, Piotr; Zygmunt, Edyta
2022Climatic Signals on Growth Ring Variation in Salix herbacea : Comparing Two Contrasting Sites in IcelandPhulara, Mohit; Opała-Owczarek, Magdalena; Owczarek, Piotr
2021Dendrochronological potential of drought-sensitive tree stands in Armenia for the hydroclimate reconstruction of the Lesser CaucasusOpała-Owczarek, Magdalena; Galstyan, Hrachui; Owczarek, Piotr; Sayadyan, Hovik; Vardanyan, Trahel
2009Dendrochronological records of debris flow and avalanche activity in a mid-mountain forest zone (Eastern sudetes - Central Europe)Malik, Ireneusz; Owczarek, Piotr
2007Dendrochronologiczny zapis erozji koryt potoków górskich w sąsiedztwie zapór przeciwrumowiskowych na przykładzie Cernego Potoku (Jesieniki-Sudety Wschodnie)Malik, Ireneusz; Owczarek, Piotr
2016Dendrochronology and extreme pointer years in the tree-ring record (AD 1951-2011) of polar willow from southwestern Spitsbergen (Svalbard, Norway)Owczarek, Piotr; Opała-Owczarek, Magdalena
2019Dry and Humid Periods Reconstructed from Tree Rings in the Former Territory of Sogdiana (Central Asia) and Their Socio-economic Consequences over the Last MillenniumOpała-Owczarek, Magdalena; Owczarek, Piotr
2017Ecological and cultural importance of juniper ecosystem in the area of Zeravshan valley (Tajikistan) on the background of environmental condition and anthropogenic hazardsRahmonov, Oimahmad; Rahmonov, Małgorzata; Opała-Owczarek, Magdalena; Owczarek, Piotr; Niedźwiedź, Tadeusz; Myga-Piątek, Urszula
2022Effect of Drought and Heavy Metal Contamination on Growth and Photosynthesis of Silver Birch Trees Growing on Post-Industrial HeapsSitko, Krzysztof; Opała-Owczarek, Małgorzata; Jemioła, Gabriela; Gieroń, Żaneta; Szopiński, Michał; Rudnicka, Małgorzata; Małkowski, Eugeniusz; Owczarek, Piotr
2013Human-planted alder trees as a protection against debris flows (a dendrochronological study from the Moxi Basin, Southwestern China)Malik, Ireneusz; Tie, Yongbo; Owczarek, Piotr; Wistuba, Małgorzata; Pilorz, Wojciech; Woskowicz-Ślęzak, Beata
2020Influence of climatic conditions on growth rings of Salix uva-ursi Pursh from the southeastern shore of Hudson Bay, Subarctic CanadaOpała-Owczarek, Magdalena; Owczarek, Piotr; Łupikasza, Ewa; Boudreau, Stéphane; Migała, Krzysztof
2021Late twentieth century rapid increase in high Asian seasonal snow and glacierderived streamflow tracked by tree rings of the upper Indus River basinChen, Feng; Opala-Owczarek, Magdalena; Khan, Adam; Zhang, Heli; Owczarek, Piotr; Chen, Youping; Ahmed, Moinuddin; Chen, Fahu
2021Post-1980s shift in the sensitivity of tundra vegetation to climate revealed by the first dendrochronological record from Bear Island (Bjørnøya), western Barents SeaOwczarek, Piotr; Opała-Owczarek, Magdalena; Migała, Krzysztof
2020Summer Monsoon Season Streamflow Variations in the Middle Yellow River since 1570 CE Inferred from Tree Rings of Pinus tabulaeformisChen, Feng; Opała-Owczarek, Magdalena; Owczarek, Piotr; Chen, Youping
2016Two centuries-long dendroclimatic reconstruction based on Low Arctic Betula pubescens from Tromso Region, Northern NorwayOpała-Owczarek, Magdalena; Migała, Krzysztof; Owczarek, Piotr