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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A credibility score algorithm for malicious data detection in urban vehicular networksPłaczek, Bartłomiej; Bernas, Marcin; Cholewa, Marcin
2019A Neuroevolutionary Approach to Controlling Traffic Signals Based on Data from Sensor NetworkBernaś, Marcin; Płaczek, Bartłomiej; Smyła, Jarosław
2018A Survey and Comparison of Low-Cost Sensing Technologies for Road Traffic MonitoringBernaś, Marcin; Płaczek, Bartłomiej; Korski, Wojciech; Loska, Piotr; Smyła, Jarosław; Szymała, Piotr
2019An event-aware cluster-head rotation algorithm for extending lifetime of wireless sensor Network with smart nodesLewandowski, Marcin; Płaczek, Bartłomiej
2020Application of positional entropy to fast Shannon entropy estimation for samples of digital signalsCholewa, Marcin; Płaczek, Bartłomiej
2020Classifier-Based Data Transmission Reduction in Wearable Sensor Network for Human Activity MonitoringLewandowski, Marcin; Płaczek, Bartłomiej; Bernas, Marcin
2021Data transmission reduction in wireless sensor network for spatial event detectionLewandowski, Marcin; Płaczek, Bartłomiej
2015Fully Connected Neural Networks Ensemble with Signal Strength Clustering for Indoor Localization in Wireless Sensor NetworksBernaś, Marcin; Płaczek, Bartłomiej
2016Human Activity Detection Based on the iBeacon TechnologyLewandowski, Marcin; Orczyk, Tomasz; Płaczek, Bartłomiej
2021Introductory chapter: data acquisitionPłaczek, Bartłomiej
2018Road Traffic Monitoring System Based on Mobile Devices and Bluetooth Low Energy BeaconsLewandowski, Marcin; Płaczek, Bartłomiej; Bernaś, Marcin; Szymała, Piotr
2017Self-Organizing Mobility Control in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks Based on Virtual Electrostatic InteractionsPłaczek, Bartłomiej; Bernaś, Marcin