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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Application of the sol-gel method at the fabrication of PLZT:Yb3+ ceramicsOsińska, Katarzyna; Płońska, Małgorzata; Marzec, Anna
2020Crystallization of GeO2-Al2O3-Bi2O3 glassPłońska, Małgorzata; Plewa, Julian
2022Crystallization of Lanthanide—Ho3+ and Tm3+ Ions Doped Tellurite GlassesPlewa, Julian; Płońska, Małgorzata; Osińska, Katarzyna; Tomala, Robert
2022Investigation of Modified Auxetic Structures from Rigid Rotating SquaresPlewa, Julian; Płońska, Małgorzata; Lis, Paweł
2011Studies of temperature and fabrication methods influence on structure and microstructure of BiNbO4 microwave electroceramicsPłońska, Małgorzata; Czekaj, Dionizy
2018Synthesis and structure of BiFeO3:RE (RE=Gd3+, Dy3+, Nd3+) ceramicsDzik, Jolanta; Płońska, Małgorzata; Pikula, Tomasz; Rerak, Michał
2013Synthesis, microstructure and the crystalline structure of the barium titanate ceramics doped with lanthanumWodecka-Duś, Beata; Płońska, Małgorzata; Czekaj, Dionizy
2013The influence of fabrication conditions on the physical properties of PLZT:Nd3+ ceramicsPłońska, Małgorzata; Pisarski, Wojciech A.; Wodecka-Duś, Beata; Czekaj, Dionizy