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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Human-planted alder trees as a protection against debris flows (a dendrochronological study from the Moxi Basin, Southwestern China)Malik, Ireneusz; Tie, Yongbo; Owczarek, Piotr; Wistuba, Małgorzata; Pilorz, Wojciech; Woskowicz-Ślęzak, Beata
2019Preliminary reflectivity analysis of severe convective events in in the proximity of Goczałkowice-ZdrójPilorz, Wojciech; Ciaramella, Philip
2020Radar reflectivity signatures and possible lead times of warnings for very large hail in Poland based on data from 2007-2015)Pilorz, Wojciech; Łupikasza, Ewa
2018The Mesoscale Convective Systems with bow echo radar signatures as an example of extremely severe and widespread geohazard in PolandWidawski, Artur; Pilorz, Wojciech
2015Very large hail occurrence in Poland from 2007 to 2015Pilorz, Wojciech
2016Wind Shear and the Strength of Severe Convective Phenomena - Preliminary Results from Poland in 2011–2015Pilorz, Wojciech; Laskowski, Igor; Łupikasza, Ewa; Taszarek, Mateusz