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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A comprehensive study on bisphenol A degradation by newly isolated strains Acinetobacter sp. K1MN and Pseudomonas sp. BG12Noszczyńska, Magdalena; Chodór, Michalina; Jałowiecki, Łukasz; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2020A high manganese-tolerant pseudomonas sp. strain isolated from metallurgical waste heap can be a tool for enhancing manganese removal from contaminated soilNoszczyńska, Magdalena; Łakomy, Karolina; Nowacki, Krzysztof; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2016Activity and functional diversity of microbial communities in long-term hydrocarbon and heavy metal contaminated soilsMarkowicz, Anna; Płaza, Grażyna; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2016An analysis of the effects of vancomycin and/or vancomycin-resistant Citrobacter freundii exposure on the microbial community structure in soilCycoń, Mariusz; Borymski, Sławomir; Orlewska, Kamila; Wąsik, Tomasz J.; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2019Antibiotics in the Soil Environment - Degradation and Their Impact on Microbial Activity and DiversityCycoń, Mariusz; Mrozik, Agnieszka; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2021Antifungal activity and biosynthetic potential of new streptomyces sp. MW-W600-10 strain isolated from coal mine waterSiupka, Piotr; Hansen, Frederik Teilfeldt; Schier, Aleksandra; Rocco, Simone; Sørensen, Trine; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2020Application of Erythromycin and/or Raoultella sp. Strain MC3 Alters the Metabolic Activity of Soil Microbial Communities as Revealed by the Community Level Physiological Profiling ApproachCycoń, Mariusz; Markowicz, Anna; Wąsik, Tomasz J.; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2014Characterization of hydrocarbon-degrading and biosurfactant-producing "Pseudomonas" sp. P-1strain as a potential tool for bioremediation of petroleum contaminated soilPacwa-Płociniczak, Magdalena; Płaza, G.; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2015Community structure of ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA) and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) in soil treated with the insecticide imidaclopridCycoń, Mariusz; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2020Comparison of Two Inoculation Methods of Endophytic Bacteria to Enhance Phytodegradation Efficacy of an Aged Petroleum Hydrocarbons Polluted SoilPawlik, Małgorzata; Płociniczak, Tomasz; Thijs, Sofie; Pintelon, Isabel; Vangronsveld, Jaco; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2021Differences in the effects of single and mixed species of AMF on the growth and oxidative stress defense in Lolium perenne exposed to hydrocarbonsMalicka, Monika; Magurno, Franco; Posta, Katalin; Chmura, Damian; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2018Effect of Silene vulgaris and heavy metal pollution on soil microbial diversity in long-term contaminated soilPacwa-Płociniczak, Magdalena; Płociniczak, Tomasz; Yu, Dan; Kurola, Jukka M.; Sinkkonen, Aki; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia; Romantschuk, Martin
2014Enhancement of deltamethrin degradation by soil bioaugmentation with two different strains of "Serratia marcescens"Cycoń, M.; Żmijowska, A.; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2011Environmental Applications of Biosurfactants: Recent AdvancesPacwa-Płociniczak, Magdalena; Płaza, Grażyna; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia; Cameotra, Swaranjit Singh
2007FAME profiles in Pseudomonas vesicularis during catechol and phenol degradation in the presence of glucose as an additional carbon sourceMrozik, Agnieszka; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia; Łabużek, Sylwia
2018Functional Diversity of Soil Microbial Communities in Response to the Application of Cefuroxime and/or Antibiotic-Resistant Pseudomonas putida Strain MC1Orlewska, Kamila; Markowicz, Anna; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia; Smoleń-Dzirba, Joanna; Cycoń, Mariusz
2020Genome Mining Revealed a High Biosynthetic Potential for Antifungal Streptomyces sp. S-2 Isolated from Black SootSiupka, Piotr; Piński, Artur; Babicka, Dagmara; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2017Hydrocarbon degradation potential and plant growth-promoting activity of culturable endophytic bacteria of Lotus corniculatus and Oenothera biennis from a long-term polluted sitePawlik, Małgorzata; Cania, Barbara; Thijs, Sofie; Vangronsveld, Jaco; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2015Links in the functional diversity between soil microorganisms and plant communities during natural succession in coal mine spoil heapsMarkowicz, Anna; Woźniak, Gabriela; Borymski, Sławomir; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia; Chmura, Damian
2020Metagenomic Functional Profiling Reveals Differences in Bacterial Composition and Function During Bioaugmentation of Aged Petroleum-Contaminated SoilPacwa-Płociniczak, Magdalena; Biniecka, Paulina; Bondarczuk, Kinga; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia