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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Comparison of antioxidant capacities of different types of tea using the spectroscopy methods and semi-empirical mathematical modelBartoszek, Mariola; Polak, Justyna; Chorążewski, Mirosław
2019Comprehensive comparison of antioxidant properties of tincturesPolak, Justyna; Bartoszek, Mariola; Bernat, Roksana
2020Novel multicomponent titanate-germanate glasses : synthesis, structure, properties, transition metal, and rare earth dopingPisarski, Wojciech A.; Kowalska, Karolina; Kuwik, Marta; Polak, Justyna; Pietrasik, Ewa; Goryczka, Tomasz; Pisarska, Joanna
2021Transition metals (Cr3+) and lanthanides (Eu3+) in inorganic glasses with extremely different glass-formers B2O3 and GeO2Kowalska, Karolina; Kuwik, Marta; Polak, Justyna; Pisarska, Joanna; Pisarski, Wojciech A.