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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Appreciation of purposive ambiguity : the relevance of puns in city promotional slogansSolska, Agnieszka; Rojczyk, Arkadiusz
2021Complex Patterns in L1-to-L2 Phonetic Transfer: The Acquisition of English Plosive and Affricate Fake Geminates and Non-Homorganic Clusters by Polish LearnersPorzuczek, Andrzej; Rojczyk, Arkadiusz
2020Detection of Non-native Speaker Status from Backwards and Vocoded Content-masked SpeechRojczyk, Arkadiusz; Porzuczek, Rojczyk
2017Discrimination of English tone contours by Polish learnersRojczyk, Arkadiusz; Porzuczek, Andrzej
2019EFL pronunciation teaching to Polish English studies majorsRojczyk, Arkadiusz; Porzuczek, Andrzej
2007English phonetic vowel shortening and lengthening as perceptually active for the PolesRojczyk, Arkadiusz
2017English word stress in Polish learners' speech production and metacompetencePorzuczek, Andrzej; Rojczyk, Arkadiusz
2014External Sandhi in L2 segmental phonetics - final (de)voicing in Polish EnglishSchwartz, Geoffrey; Balas, Anna; Rojczyk, Arkadiusz
2010Forming new vowel categories in second language speech: The case of Polish learners' production of English /I/ and /e/Rojczyk, Arkadiusz
2014Gemination strategies of L1 and English pronunciation of Polish learnersPorzuczek, Andrzej; Rojczyk, Arkadiusz
2013Immediate and distracted imitation in second-language speech: Unreleased plosives in EnglishRojczyk, Arkadiusz; Porzuczek, Andrzej; Bergier, Marcin
2015Monitoring English sandhi-linking- a study of Polish listeners' L2 perceptionSchwartz, Geoffrey; Rojczyk, Arkadiusz; Balas, Anna
2012Non-native speech perception in noise : the voicing contrast in EnglishRojczyk, Arkadiusz
2008Percepcja angielskich i polski spółgłosek właściwychRojczyk, Arkadiusz
2016Perception of allophonic cues to English word boundaries by Polish learners: Approximant devoicing in EnglishRojczyk, Arkadiusz; Schwartz, Geoffrey; Balas, Anna
2015Phonological factos affecting L1 phonetic realization of proficient Polish users of EnglishSchwartz, Geoffrey; Balas, Anna; Rojczyk, Arkadiusz
2012Selected aspects in the acquisition of English phonology by Polish learners - segments and prosodyRojczyk, Arkadiusz; Porzuczek, Andrzej
2017Self-reported vs. self-rated pronunciation in a non-native languageCieślicka, Ewa; Rojczyk, Arkadiusz
2014Stop release in Polish English - implications for prosodic constituencySchwartz, Geoffrey; Aperliński, Grzegorz; Balas, Anna; Rojczyk, Arkadiusz
2010Temporal and spectral parameters in perception of the voicing contrast in English and PolishRojczyk, Arkadiusz