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2015Can whole-body cryotherapy with subsequent kinesiotherapy procedures in closed type cryogenic chamber improve BASDAI, BASFI, and some spine mobility parameters and decrease pain intensity in patients with ankylosing spondylitis?Stanek, Agata; Cholewka, Armand; Gadula, Jolanta; Drzazga, Zofia; Sieroń, Aleksander; Sieroń-Stołtny, Karolina
2019Compression therapy in venous diseases : current forms of compression materials and techniquesBerszakiewicz, Zbigniew; Sieroń, Aleksander; Krasiński, Zbigniew; Cholewka, Armand; Stanek, Agata
2020Compression therapy in venous diseases : physical assumptions and clinical effectsBerszakiewicz, Andrzej; Sieroń, Aleksander; Krasiński, Zbigniew; Cholewka, Armand; Stanek, Agata
2018Decreased oxidative stress in male patients with active phase ankylosing spondylitis who underwent whole-body cryotherapy in closed cryochamberStanek, Agata; Cholewka, Armand; Wielkoszyński, Tomasz; Romuk, Ewa; Sieroń, Aleksander
2018Effects of Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Field on Oxidative Stress in Selected Structures of the Central Nervous SystemBudziosz, Jan; Stanek, Agata; Sieroń, Aleksander; Witkoś, Joanna; Cholewka, Armand; Sieroń, Karolina
2019Functional and structural studies of tolloid-like 1 mutants associated with atrial-septal defect 6Sieroń, Łukasz; Lesiak, Marta; Schisler, Izabela; Drzazga, Zofia; Fertala, Andrzej; Sieroń, Aleksander
2017Increased levels of oxidative stress markers, soluble CD40 ligand, and carotid intima-media thickness reflect acceleration of atherosclerosis in male patients with ankylosing spondylitis in active phase and without the classical cardiovascular RStanek, Agata; Cholewka, Armand; Wielkoszyński, Tomasz; Romuk, Ewa; Sieroń, Karolina; Sieroń, Aleksander
2020Myofascial Trigger Points Therapy Modifies Thermal Map of Gluteal RegionOnik, Grzegorz; Kasprzyk, Teresa; Knapik, Katarzyna; Wieczorek, Karolina; Sieroń, Dominik; Sieroń, Aleksander; Cholewka, Armand; Sieroń, Karolina
2019Precompetitional Weight Reduction Modifies Prooxidative-Antioxidative Status in JudokasKnapik, Katarzyna; Sieroń, Karolina; Wojtyna, Ewa; Onik, Grzegorz; Romuk, Ewa; Birkner, Ewa; Stanek, Agata; Kawczyk-Krupka, Aleksandra; Plinta, Ryszard; Sieroń, Aleksander
2015Selected physical medicine interventions in the treatment of diabetic foot syndromeGebala-Prajsnar, Kamila; Stanek, Agata; Pasek, Jarosław; Prajsnar, Grzegorz; Berszakiewicz, Andrzej; Sieroń, Aleksander; Cholewka, Armand
2014Thermal imaging application in chronic venous disease : pilot studyCholewka, Armand; Stanek, Agata; Klimas, Aleksandra; Sieroń, Aleksander; Drzazga, Zofia
2016Whole-body cryostimulation as an effective method of reducing oxidative stress in healthy menStanek, Agata; Sieroń-Stołtny, Karolina; Romuk, Ewa; Cholewka, Armand; Wielkoszyński, Tomasz; Cieślar, Grzegorz; Kwiatek, Sebastian; Sieroń, Aleksander; Kawczyk-Krupka, Aleksandra
2018Whole-Body Cryotherapy Decreases the Levels of Inflammatory, Oxidative Stress, and Atherosclerosis Plaque Markers in Male Patients with Active-Phase Ankylosing Spondylitis in the Absence of Classical Cardiovascular Risk FactorsStanek, Agata; Cholewka, Armand; Wielkoszyński, Tomasz; Romuk, Ewa; Sieroń, Aleksander