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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201757Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy investigations of iron phase composition in fluidized beds from the ELCHO power plant in Chorzów, PolandKądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Smołka-Danielowska, Danuta
2021Chemical and mineral composition of ashes from wood biomass combustion in domestic wood-fired furnacesSmołka-Danielowska, Danuta; Jabłońska, Mariola
2019Chemical and mineral composition of furnace slags produced in the combustion process of hard coalSmołka-Danielowska, Danuta; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Krzykawski, Tomasz
2021Mineralogical and Chemical Specificity of Dusts Originating from Iron and Non-Ferrous Metallurgy in the Light of Their Magnetic SusceptibilityJabłońska, Mariola; Rachwał, Marzena; Wawer, Małgorzata; Kądziołka-Gaweł, Mariola; Teper, Ewa; Krzykawski, Tomasz; Smołka-Danielowska, Danuta
2021The influence of hard coal combustion in individual household furnaces on the atmosphere quality in Pszczyna (Poland)Smołka-Danielowska, Danuta; Jabłońska, Mariola; Godziek, Sandra
2015Trace elements and mineral composition of waste produced in the process of combustion of solid fuels in individual household furnaces in the Upper Silesian Industrial Region (Poland)Smołka-Danielowska, Danuta