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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Assessment of changes in a viewshed in the Western Carpathians landscape as a result of reforestationSobala, Michał; Myga-Piątek, Urszula; Szypuła, Bartłomiej
2017Historical and contemporary forest ecosystem changes in the Beskid Mountains (southern Poland) between 1848 and 2014Sobala, Michał; Rahmonov, Oimahmad; Myga-Piątek, Urszula
2016Landscape effects of conflicts in space management. A historical approach based on the Silesian and Żywiec Beskids (West Carpathians, Poland)Sobala, Michał
2020Mountain Meadows and Glades of the Carpathians - Type or Element of Landscape? The Problem of Delimitation and Typology of Mountain Pasture LandscapesSobala, Michał
2018Ocena gotowości mieszkańców do partycypacji w działaniach na rzecz ochrony krajobrazu Beskidu Śląskiego i ŻywieckiegoSobala, Michał
2018Pasture landscape durability in the Beskid Mountains (Western Carpathians, Poland)Sobala, Michał
2019The delimitation of landscape units for the planning of protection – the example of the Forests by Upper Liswarta Landscape ParkSobala, Michał; Pukowiec-Kurda, Katarzyna; Żemła-Siesicka, Anna
2016The optimization of rural landscape in the light of the idea of sustainable development - the example of PolandSobala, Michał; Myga-Piątek, Urszula
2018Zmiany krajobrazu Beskidu Śląskiego i Żywieckiego w percepcji mieszkańców a jego ochronaSobala, Michał