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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A physical method for investigating defect chemistry in solid metal oxidesSzot, Krzysztof; Rodenbücher, Christian; Korte, Carsten; Schmitz-Kempen, Thorsten; Bette, Sebastian
1997Atomic force microscopy studies of the surface scale formed during oxidation of incoloy MA956Czyrska-Filemonowicz, A.; Wasilkowska, A.; Szot, Krzysztof; Quadakkers, W.J.
2013Cluster-like resistive switching of SrTiO3 : Nb surface layersRodenbucher, C.; Speier, W.; Bihlmayer, G.; Breuer, U.; Waser, R.; Szot, Krzysztof
2019Current channeling along extended defects during electroreduction of SrTiO3Rodenbücher, Christian; Menzel, Stephan; Wrana, Dominik; Gensch, Thomas; Korte, Carsten; Krok, Franciszek; Szot, Krzysztof
2018Electrical nanopatterning of TiO2 single crystal surfaces in situ via local resistance and potential switchingRodenbücher, C.; Wrana, D.; Meuffels, P.; Rogala, M.; Krok, F.; Szot, Krzysztof
2018Electrically controlled transformation of memristive titanates into mesoporous titanium oxides via incongruent sublimationRodenbucher, C.; Meuffels, P.; Bihlmayer, G.; Speier, W.; Du, H.; Schwedt, A.; Breuer, U.; Jia, C.-L.; Mayer, J.; Waser, R.; Szot, Krzysztof
2021Electronic phenomena of transition metal oxidesRodenbücher, Christian; Szot, Krzysztof
2019In-situ four-tip STM investigation of the transition from 2D to 3D charge transport in SrTiO3Leis, Arthur; Rodenbücher, Christian; Szot, Krzysztof; Cherepanov, Vasily; Tautz, F. Stefan; Voigtländer, Bert
2018Influence of dislocations in transition metal oxides on selected physical and chemical propertiesSzot, Krzysztof; Rodenbücher, Christian; Bihlmayer, Gustav; Speier, Wolfgang; Ishikawa, Ryo; Shibata, Naoya; Ikuhara, Yuichi
2020Inhomogeneity and Segregation Effect in the Surface Layer of Fe-Doped SrTiO3 Single CrystalsWojtyniak, Marcin; Balin, Katarzyna; Szade, Jacek; Szot, Krzysztof
2021Is reduced strontium titanate a semiconductor or a metal?Rodenbücher, Christian; Guguschev, Christo; Korte, Carsten; Bette, Sebastian; Szot, Krzysztof
2019Kelvin probe force microscopy work function characterization of transition metal oxide crystals under ongoing reduction and oxidationWrana, Dominik; Cieślik, Karol; Belza, Wojciech; Rodenbücher, Christian; Szot, Krzysztof; Krok, Franciszek
2020Localized electrochemical redox reactions in yttria-stabilized zirconia single crystalsRodenbücher, Christian; Szot, Krzysztof; Wrana, Dominik; Jany, Benedykt R.; Krok, Franciszek; Korte, Carsten
2020Mapping the conducting channels formed along extended defects in SrTiO3 by means of scanning near‑field optical microscopyRodenbücher, Christian; Bittkau, Karsten; Bihlmayer, Gustav; Wrana, Dominik; Gensch, Thomas; Korte, Carsten; Krok, Franciszek; Szot, Krzysztof
2019Self-reduction of the native TiO2(110) surface during cooling after thermal annealing - in-operando investigationsRogala, M.; Bihlmayer, G.; Dąbrowski, P.; Rodenbücher, C.; Wrana, D.; Krok, F.; Klusek, Z.; Szot, Krzysztof
2020The Electronic Properties of Extended Defects in SrTiO3 - A Case Study of a Real Bicrystal BoundaryRodenbücher, Christian; Wrana, Dominik; Gensch, Thomas; Krok, Franciszek; Korte, Carsten; Szot, Krzysztof
2022Tuning the electronic properties of a clean TiO2(1 1 0) surface via repeated sputtering and annealing: A KPFM and LC-AFM studyCieślik, K.; Wrana, D.; Szajna, K.; Bełza, W.; Rogala, M.; Rodenbücher, C.; Dąbczyński, P.; Szot, Krzysztof; Krok, F.
2020Unconventional Co-existence of insulating nano-regions and conducting filaments in reduced SrTiO3 : mode softening, local piezoelectricity, and metallicityBussmann-Holder, Anette; Keller, Hugo; Simon, Arndt; Bihlmayer, Gustav; Roleder, Krystian; Szot, Krzysztof