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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1972Some local properties of re a3, re a4 and re a5 in the class SGórski, Jerzy
1972Some remarks on p-th compounds on non-singular matrixŁubczonok, Grzegorz; Lorens, Michał
1972Immersions of two-manifold in the Euclidean four-spaceRochowski, Marek
1972Differential concomitants of the covariant tensor bij which fulfills the condition det b(ij)not=0Lorens, Michał
1972O bazie fundamentalnej ciała cyklotomicznegoWuwer, Joanna
1972Another proof that a finite integral domain is a fieldBłaszczyk, Bronisława
1972The integer solutions of the equation ax2 + by2 + cz2 = 0 in quadratic fieldsSzymiczek, Kazimierz
1972Differential concomitants of the metrical tensor in Riemanian spaces Cn and SnLorens, Michał
1972Note on additive functions of several variableKuczma, Marek
1972Liesche Abteilung der TensordichtenKucharzewski, Mieczysław
1972Uber eine Eigenschaft der Mengen von TransformationenKucharzewski, Mieczysław; Midura, S.
1972On the difference equations of two variablesKierat, Władysław; Krasińska, Stefania
1972Ewangelia według TomaszaMyszor, Wincenty
1973Spaces having uniformities with linearly ordered basesKucia, Anna; Kulpa, Władysław
1973Note on semigroup homomorphismsSzymiczek, Kazimierz
1973On irreducible maps and extremally disconnected spacesBłaszczyk, Aleksander
1973On a Böttcher functional equation and its application for evaluation of a well-known improper integralZdun, Marek Cezary
1973On the curl of singular completely continous vector fields in Banach spacesBielecki, Adam; Dłotko, Tadeusz
1973Sur un systeme non lineaire d'inegalites aux derivees partielles du type paraboliqueChabrowski, Jan
1973Comitants differentiels de l'object ^vKasparek, Erwin; Lorens, Michał