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Title: Radioactivity of Mt. Etna volcano and radionuclides transfer to groundwater
Authors: Kozłowska, Beata
Walencik-Łata, Agata
Giammanco, Salvatore
Imme, Giuseppina
Catalano, Roberto
Mangano, Gabriella
Keywords: Mineral physics and properties of rocks; Downhole; radioactivity; remote sensing and other methods; Fluid Geochemistry; Gases; Volcanic rocks
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Annals of Geophysics, Vol. 62 (2019), s. 1-26
Abstract: The paper presents the results of a radiometric survey carried out on the eastern flank of Mt. Etna over an area of approximately 120 km2. Activity concentrations of 238,234U, 232,230,228Th, 226,228Ra, from 238U and 232Th decay chains, and potassium 40K were determined using α- and γ- spectrometry techniques. All rock samples presented activity concentrations of U, Th and Ra isotopes ranging from 20 Bq kg-1 to about 90 Bq kg-1, and they showed no particular compositional variations over the investigated area. Based on their respective elemental concentrations, the isotopic ratios of different elements were studied to check the presence of radioactive equilibrium, or disequilibrium, in the decay chains. Moreover, an attempt to calculate radionuclide transfer factors from soil to water was made, and the radiological risk resulting from ingestion of these isotopes contained in drinking water was calculated. The results were compared with current regulations on the quality of drinking water.
DOI: 10.4401/ag-7549
ISSN: 2037-416X
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