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Tytuł: Psychosocial characteristics of men and women as perpetrators of domestic violence
Autor: Rode, Danuta
Rode, Magdalena
Januszek, Maciej
Słowa kluczowe: domestic violence; gender differences; personality; temperament; motives of violence; biological family
Data wydania: 2015
Źródło: "Polish Psychological Bulletin" Vol. 46 (1) (2015), s. 53-64
Abstrakt: The presented study aims to compare men and women (N = 227), perpetrators of domestic violence in terms of psychosocial characteristics, present conditions of socialization in which the perpetrator grew and the motives for committing violent act against partners. The population of violence offenders under study and its sub-groups (women and men) did not differ from the norm group in terms of personality traits and temperament. The differences were noticed only in two KSP scales: secure style and avoidance style. The comparison of women and men revealed differences, in three variables: openness for experience, emotional intelligence and avoidance-ambivalence style. Moreover, study showed that despite the good relationship between the subjects’ parents, some perpetrators suffered violence from the loved ones. It should be noted that women were more affected by physical and psychological aggression in childhood. Analysis of motives to commit acts of violence indicated that they are associated with three factors: advantage over your partner, influence and control.
DOI: 10.1515/ppb-2015-0006
ISSN: 0079-2993
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