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Tytuł: Explicitation and directionality in simultaneous interpreting
Autor: Gumul, Ewa
Słowa kluczowe: explicitation; directionality; simultaneous interpreting
Data wydania: 2017
Źródło: Linguistica Silesiana, Vol. 38 (2017), s. 311-329
Abstrakt: The aim of the present study is to investigate the relationship between explicitation and directionality in simultaneous interpreting. Given that explicitation in this mode of interpretation is often triggered by the constraints inherent in the process of interpreting, it has been hypothesized that explicitating shifts might be more frequent in retour, which is considered to be more demanding. The study is both product- and process-oriented, relying on recordings and transcripts of interpreting outputs as well as retrospective protocols. The participants in the study were 36 advanced interpreting students. The analysed forms of explicitation range from cohesive explicitation (e.g. adding connectives, reiteration, etc.), through substituting nominalisations with verb phrases and disambiguating lexical metaphors, to inserting explanatory remarks. The present paper is aimed to be a pilot study for a larger project in progress.
ISSN: 0208-4228
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