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Title: Biblioteka i ludzie : motyw książki w wybranych przekładach powieści obcej po roku 1989
Authors: Palian-Kobiela, Ewelina
Advisor: Tokarska, Anna
Bartos, Ewa
Keywords: literatura - 20-21 w.; motywy literackie; biblioteka (motyw literacki); książka (motyw literacki)
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The aim of the work is to search and show in belles-lettres motives of books, libraries and the image of people associated with the book. The subject of the research wil be forty-three foreign-language novels, authors publishing today. Thus, the texts of both ambitious artists and less-known writers will be found in the work. The scope of research concerns on contemporary, foreign novels for adults, published after 1989 and translated into Polish, understood as the first edition of a book in the original. I interpret the selected fragments from the perspective of the descriptive functions in a literary work and confront them to non-literary reality. I make comparisons between novels of various writers and between the content written in a literary work and non-literary reality. At work, I also try to answer the question whether we can find in the literature a stereotype of a librarian, and thus a simplified, valued picture of this professional group.
Appears in Collections:Rozprawy doktorskie (W.Hum.)

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