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Tytuł: Critical incidents in multilingual language learning : content focus
Autor: Gabryś-Barker, Danuta
Słowa kluczowe: language learning process; cognitive; affective and socio-cultural levels
Data wydania: 2013
Źródło: Linguistica Silesiana, Vol. 34 (2013), s. 247-264
Abstrakt: Any language learning process is a complex phenomenon as it occurs on the cognitive, affective and socio-cultural levels. The interrelatedness of them all and the contextually-determined way in which they interact make language learning experiences unique to individuals. The context in which more than two languages are learnt adds to its complexity. This article examines what multilingual language users perceive as meaningful in two different contexts of language learning: L2 versus L3. Although unique, these two processes exhibit a fair degree of homogeneity, for example in terms of one`s coping potential as the major appraisal value both in L2 and L3 learning and growing negativity about language learning in later stages of life in L3 learning.
ISSN: 0208-4228
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