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Title: Comparison of electrophysical properties of PZT-Type ceramics obtained by conventional and mechanochemical methods
Authors: Bochenek, Dariusz
Niemiec, Przemysław
Szafraniak-Wiza, Izabela
Dercz, Grzegorz
Keywords: PZT-type ceramics; Doped; Mechanochemical activation; Piezoceramics
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: "Materials" vol. 12, iss. 29 (2019), art. no. 3301, s. 1-12
Abstract: In the paper, the multicomponent PZT-type ceramics with Pb(Zr0.49Ti0.51).94Mn0.015Sb0.01W0.015Ni0.03O3 composition have been obtained by conventional and mechanochemical methods. With conventional ceramic technology, PZT-type ceramics have been synthesized by the method of calcination powder (850 C/4 h). Instead of this step, the mechanochemical synthesis process for di erent milling periods (15 h, 25 h, 50 h, 75 h) has been applied for a second batch of samples. To obtain the dense PZT-type ceramic samples, powders have been sintered by free sintering method at conditions of 1150 C/2 h. Studies have shown that the perovskite structure of the PZT-type material is formed during mechanochemical activation of powders during the technological process at low temperature. The application of the mechanochemical synthesis to obtain the PZT-type materials also allows shortening of the technological process, and the useful electrophysical properties of ceramic samples are not reduced at the same time. The presented results have confirmed that the investigated materials can be used in microelectronic applications, especially as elements of actuators and piezoelectric transducers.
DOI: 10.3390/ma12203301
ISSN: 1996-1944
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